Frequently Asked Questions

Which styles are the most popular?

  • The most popular style depends on who your customer is. For surf shops we would recommend our Coopers, Wyecreeks, and Palmettos because they are trendy and stylish. For marinas, fishing stores, and outdoor shops we would recommend our Bahias, Anhingas, and Eddies because they are sporty and classic.

How do my customers know which style will fit their face?

  • There is no universal sunglasses fit. You can find information on our sizing upon delivery of order; inside the package will be a piece of paper with our website, both of which include the dimensions and each style labeled as narrow, normal, or wide.

How do my customers take care of their sunglasses?

  • To keep Rheos shades in peak condition we recommend only cleaning the lenses with our included high-quality microfiber pouch.

  • Keep Rheos sunglasses out of extreme temperatures (in a car all day over the summer for example). 

Can my customers purchase Rheos with prescription lenses?

  • Soon! We are in the process of making it happen. 

Can my customers swap out lenses for a different color? 

  • Yes! They will have to email us at so we can make sure the lens and style your customer prefers can be paired, and then we'll ship the lenses to them. 

    Can I swap out styles that don't sell well?

    • Yes! Our main focus is your customer's satisfaction. If any style is underselling more than an other and you would like to swap them for your more popular sellers, email us at 

      How long will it take to receive my order? 

      • After you place your order online, please allow up to two business days for your order to process before it's shipped; you will be notified when your order ships. Once shipped, your order will be delivered in three to four business days.