Warranty and Returns


We provide an end-of-season buy-back guarantee. We are so confident in the success of Rheos in your shop, we aim to limit any risk for you. If for any reason, Rheos isn't working for your company we will buy back all of the remaining sunglasses and display by the end of the season (roughly four months from the time you received your order).

Sunglasses Style Swap

The more you sell the better! If certain styles are underselling more than other styles, reach out to Wholesale@rheosgear.com. We will swap them and get you the styles your customers love!

Lifetime Warranty

We provide a lifetime limited manufacturer's warranty to your customers supporting all aspects of the frame and lenses resulting from non-accidental damage with proof of photo. Warranty replacements may be subject to fees for shipping and fulfillment of approximately $9 anywhere in the United States (international shipping may vary). All frames are eligible for replacement one time per purchase. Have any customer with issues with their sunglasses email hello@rheosgear.com


We also want your customers to be comfortable taking your shades to go and play! Should any accidental damage or loss happen, they can shoot us a note, and we will replace their frames for a flat fee of $20. This charge includes all shipping and handling costs. This can be done one time per purchase. International orders may have additional shipping costs.

Please email us at Wholesale@rheosgear.com with any additional questions. Get on the water!