’Tis the Season to Sell Sunglasses

With only a few weeks before the holiday season officially begins, it’s time to start focusing on how your sales can bring in the holiday cheer. 

Maximizing consumer purchases means focusing on ways to get your customer to see new value in your traditional catalog of products. With the right tips and a touch of the seasonal spirit, you can turn over inventory without stocking up on hot new gadgets that may only last a season. 

Keep reading for our quick guide on making Rheos the gift of the season.

Add holiday signage

Sometimes, looks do matter. Thankfully Rheos always looks good. Our holiday signage is available to ship to help bring holiday cheer to your store. We have countertop signs available that aligns with the seasonal spirit and shares our message to Give the Gift of Floating. Request your signs at wholesale@rheosgear.com.

Display Rheos boxes

Not only do our displays and seasonal signage help make Rheos look like the hottest gift of the year — our packaging does too. Our new boxes are designed so your customers won’t even need to gift wrap. It’ll be easy for your customer to grab a box and head straight to their gift exchange. If you don’t have any Rheos boxes, place your request by emailing wholesale@rheosgear.com.


Create a gift table

Create a gift table that’s centered around the type of customers who frequent your stores. Think about what a fishermen would like, or a surfer, or a boater, etc. It’s an easy way to include Rheos as the best sunglasses for the water, and even show how various gift ideas can bundle together. Go the extra mile by posting your gift table on social media as a quick gift guide. 

Fit your customer’s holiday budget

When designing a holiday gift display or just helping customers as they shop, think about different price points. Grouping gift ideas by “$50 & Under” and other pricing options will help your customers easily find a gift that fits their budget. Bonus: Rheos falls in that perfect holiday sweet spot that’s not going to feel cheap, but won’t hurt your wallet either.

Keep a box & shades “display” at check-out

Increase impulse purchases and help customers knock out their holiday shopping in one fell swoop. For a small but effective display, simply place a pair of Rheos sunglasses on top of our branded box. (Don’t have Rheos boxes? Email us at wholesale@rheosgear.com.) You’ll even help sell to people who aren’t shopping for sunglasses specifically. Sometimes you don’t know the perfect gift until you see it!

Educate your staff

Sunglasses aren’t just for the summer. Snow can reflect up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause serious eye damage over time. Rheos lenses block out 100% of UV rays, so customers are safe whether they’re snowboarding or surfing. Plus, our customers love the water as much as we do… and that means year-round fishing and boating.

Need some support ahead of the holiday season? Reach out to at wholesale@rheosgear.com for updated signage, new boxes or to reorder your custom wholesale package.